Best Elongated Toilets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. American Standard2. Toto3.  Kohler
American Standard Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet Best Elongated ToiletToto Make Colonial White ToiletKohler K-3998-0 Elongated Toilet

Many of you may feel uncomfortable to ease yourself seating on the toilet seat. Unless the bowels get clear regularly, the spirit within you is not uplifted. But despite eating healthy food with many fibrous contents in the diet, the blues for easing out is like a nightmare for many.

One of the main reasons for not getting your bowels clear is sitting on the wrong toilet seat. The body may not be feeling comfortable in the unsuitable toilet seat.


Most people do not pay heed to the science of having a proper toilet seat, even if they have a big toilet area.

They ignore the health benefits, the ease of flushing and cleaning, and the designs to sit comfortably because of increased price of the best Elongated Toilet compared to the traditional ones.

It is time to cut down the stress in the toilet or the physician and the medical expenses using the best elongated toilet and enjoy the day. Let us discuss the top 10 toilet type available in the market, which are much popular so that you can reap the maximum benefits and stay happy without a grim face.

Top 10 Best Elongated Toilets 2020

1. American Standard Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet Best Elongated Toilet

This model of the best elongated toilet by American Standard is difficult to avoid while looking for a perfect solution for your easing out blues. It is made from vitreous china, and the finishing is marvelous. One can comfortably sit on the toilet seat as it is designed with the right height so that an individual does not get pain in his/her knees.

The rough-in is 12 inches, and the shape is round. After use, as you flush, 1.6 gallons of water with high force is flushed to wash out the waste. The flush has a capacity of 1.6 gallons, and it fills in one minute after every drain-out.

The dimension is 27.75 inches X 15 inches X 31 inches, and it is even perfect for use by the people having all type of physique. One can get this in linen color and round shaped. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It is a perfect toilet for tall and larger people to use and ease themselves.

The siphon action bowl is of direct-jet fed technology, and one can even go for partial flush to stop wastage of water by pressing the chrome plated actuator fitted on the top. There is a 2-inches trap-way that helps to prevent the clogs. The complete product is available around the US $ 250, excluding the installation charges.


  • The height is ADA compliant, and it ensures comfortable seating.
  • The flush meets the Criteria of EPA WaterSense.
  • The design is ergonomic.


  • Sometimes it gets challenging to get the spares if they are not covered under a limited warranty.

2. Toto Make Colonial White Toilet

Toto Make Colonial White Toilet

Are you looking for a niche looking best elongated toilet? Well, it is time that you consider Model CST744SL#11 from the house of TOTO. This is a floor-mounted toilet that can withstand a lot of bodyweight without any trouble. The height of the commode rim is 16.5 inches without the seat and 19.5 with the seat.

It helps the user to sit comfortably while using it for natural reasons. The total height, including the flush, is 30.5 inches, and the width is 28 inches. It is one of the best-elongated commodes, which is liked by many.

The flush valve is 3 inches in size and allows having a fast flush to clear the waste. The complete product is made from vitreous china clay, and is available in Colonial white color.

The flushing system is almost noiseless yet powerful as the G-Max system is incorporated in it. The total weight of the toilet is 91.5 pounds, and it is an ADA compliant. The flush has a capacity of 1.6 Gallons and can be operated by the chrome-plated lever.

With around 90years of experience under their belt, TOTO has continuously done the research to suit the need of each and every human being having a toilet with an elongated seat.

The product has a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. Being priced around the US $ 240, this product is one of the marvels that one can have in their washroom.


  • The product is ADA certified.
  • Installation is quite easy.
  • Floor mounted so that it can carry more weight.
  • The flush valve is 3 inches, unlike others that have 2 inches.
  • The flush is of superior quality.


  • The inner part of the bowl gets dirty frequently.
  • The flush sometimes malfunctions.

3. Woodridge Modern One Piece Toilet

Woodridge Modern One Piece Toilet

Woodbridge has come up with this model of the one-piece toilet that will not enhance the beauty of your washroom interior and occupy less space without compromising on the seating comfort. It is sleek and is finely crafted to have that modern look. It is 15.1/8 inches in height, excluding the upper rim, which is 1.1/2 inches.

Although it is a floor mounted toilet with an inbuilt water tank, cleaning is straightforward. The skirted traps help in easy cleaning. The flush system is fully glazed, and the siphoning technology is almost silent. One will feel like sitting on a chair while trying to ease themselves.

Woodbridge gives a five-year limited warranty on the porcelain parts and one year warranty on the toilet seat as well as the flushing parts. It has got UPC, CSA, and WSA certifications, which makes them enhance their product quality. It is made from high-grade porcelain and has an elongated design.

The toilet flush meets the stringent EPA guidelines, and one can save a minimum of 20% water in every flushing of the tank with a 1.6-gallon capacity. It weighs of around 151 pounds and is available in sparkling white color.


  • The design is unique and ultra-modern.
  • With a one-piece arrangement, it is easy to install.
  • The top-line part is well designed and made, and is indeed needed to sit comfortably.
  • It has a dual flush, and both of them are almost silent.
  • The manufacturer supplies all accessories required for installation.


  • Some complain that the flush force is not that effective and needs to be improved.

4. Kohler Elongated Toilet

Kohler Elongated Toilet

Kohler is a reputed name for years for the bathroom and toilet solutions. They have come up with their model of K-3589-47, built with Aqua Piston Technology, to have more flush power. It has an elongated bowl and is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably while attending nature’s call.

The model is a combination of the K-4418 tank and the K-4309 bowl. Now, you can also get your toilet in almond color and enhance the beauty of your washroom. It is entirely an oval-shaped toilet and comes with gravity flush. Being priced at around the US $ 400, this product is one of the best choices for many.

The height of the bowl is 16.5 inches without the seat, which is enough for a tall person to sit comfortably without pain in the knees. The waste passageway is 2.1/8 inches, and the Aqua Piston technology helps the water to flow inside the bowl from all sides and clean every waste.

This best elongated toilet comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer provides all the installation accessories, and the pair can be installed without any bottlenecks. A lever operates the flush, and is chrome plated to give a shiny finish. The entire set is made from vitreous china clay, and its weight is 0.32 ounces.


  • The installation of the toilet is easy.
  • With the Aqua Piston technology included, the toilet gets cleaned better.
  • One can find it comfortable while sitting on the toilet.
  • The use of water can be restricted as the force of water is more.


  • It is a bit overpriced when compared with similar designs of other brands.
  • Cleaning detergents and liquids sometimes damage the shine of the toilet.

5. Toto Elongated Toilet

Toto Elongated Toilet

The model MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II from the house of Toto is a piece of marvel. It is a one-piece toilet with elongated design and hard to avoid if you are looking for the best elongated toilet, which is a niche in looks and priced between the US $550 to 660, approximately.

The flush has a capacity of 1.28 gallons per flush and is made by using the TOTO Tornado Flush System Technology. The Cefiontect glaze used by TOTO allows the bowl to have a lubricious quality that helps in every minute particle flushing out without sticking to the bowl walls. The seat is soft and is included in the price.

This one-piece toilet is available in many colors, and all of them are CALGreen, ADA, WS, and CEC compliant. It is made from vitreous china clay and is one of the best floor-mounted toilets. The weight of this unique toilet is 99 pounds, and it comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The minimum water pressure exerted is 8psi (static), and the trap size is 2.1/8 inches. The height of the seat is 17.25 inches from the floor, and the maximum width of the toilet with the in-built flush is 16.5/8 inches. With such a streamlined look, this UltraMax model from TOTO is loved by many users for the great feature and looks.


  • The tank capacity is much bigger and it flushes out all waste with a single flush.
  • The look is modern and sleek.
  • The seating height is perfect.
  • The trap way is glazed for efficient cleaning.
  • The waste does not stick to the bowl as the manufacturer uses
  • Cefiontect glaze.


  • The price is on a bit higher side and may not fit to everyone’s pocket.

6. American Standard H2Option Elongated Toilet

American Standard H2Option Elongated Toilet

This 1.28/0.92 gallon per flush, elongated toilet by American Standard is available in white color and is being extensively used in many households. With a sitting height of 15 inches from the floor, it is suited for almost all types and sizes of people. The overall height of the toilet with the bowl and the cistern is 30 inches, whereas the maximum width is 15 inches.

The surface remains clean for a long time as claimed by the manufacturer, and it stops the formations of stains, molds, bacteria, or even to spread foul smell. The bowl is made with siphon jet technology, and it has a 2 inches trap way that is fully glazed to flush out the waste efficiently.

It is a floor-mounted toilet made from vitreous china clay and has been designed with elongated seats. The total weight is around 70 pounds. The toilet comes with a dual flush and saves water to a much extent.

The manufactures give a lifetime warranty with limitations to the chinaware and a five-year limited warranty for the mechanical parts. The price of the toilet set is around the US $ 300 and can be easily installed.

One can even register the product online at the manufacturer’s website and get the warranty coverage after purchase. The installation of the toilet and the flush is easy, and the dual flush is indeed an added feature to stop wasting water.


  • Though limited, the warranty almost covers the entire product, including the mechanical parts.
  • The flush never overflows.
  • It is a UHET meeting the EPA WaterSense criteria.
  • It comes with PowerWash rim with siphon jet technology for the bowl.


  • Many reported that the vitreous china cracks after some days, but one could replace it within the warranty period.

7. Nova Medical Products Toiler Seat Riser With Handles

Nova Medical Products Toiler Seat Riser With Handles

For many people, it becomes difficult to sit properly on the toilet seat for various reasons. It may be due to age or some other orthopedic ailments. Nova Medical has come up with this unique Toilet Seat Riser that can be placed on the rim of the bowl, and the height can be raised by 3.75 inches.

One can use the original seat and the lid above the riser. The seat riser comes with cushioned arms, and the total arrangement can be bolted with the bowl to avoid accidents while using it. It is of elongated design and can withstand a weight of 300 pounds.

Being priced at around the 45USD and weighing around 6.15 pounds, the seat riser fits almost all pockets and is also easy to carry. It comes in sparkling white color, and the handles are made from durable metal with a soft pad to have a firm grip while sitting or rising from the chair.


  • No need to replace the existing toilet to raise the seating height.
  • The seat riser is easy to install with nut and bolts with the bowl.
  • The padded arms give excellent support while changing posture.
  • The elongated design allows having more space.


  • The cleaning of the bowl turns a bit difficult while the riser is attached to it.

8. Carex Elongated And Elevated Toilet

Carex Elongated And Elevated Toilet

If you are looking for a quality product within 40USD, then this elongated and elevated toilet seat riser with removable arms and pads should be in your shopping cart. Even if you are well built or obese, you will have no discomfort while sitting on this seat-riser by Carex as the width between the handles is 19 inches.

It is possible to raise the height by 3.5 inches and get enough support for your knee or the hips and keep your spinal cord relaxed while answering nature’s call.

The removable foam padded handles can be attached or detached from the seat raiser easily. They also fit under the seat riser to give a sturdy support.

This seat raiser from Carex can support up to 250 pounds of weight. The manufacturer had given clear instructions for installation through their booklet, and hence, there is no need to call a plumber.

With few nuts, bolts, and washers included in the package, anyone can install it. The toilet seat is made by using molded plastic and the arms are made from sturdy aluminum rods.


  • The handles can be individually removed, and one can use the sides they need most.
  • The height of the handle from the floor is 23 inches, and it gives enough strength for anyone to sit or rise.
  • The price of this seat-riser is reasonable when compared with similar other branded products.


  • It doesn’t fit all types of toilets and one should pay heed on this factor while sealing the deal.

9. American Standard Acticlean Toilet

American Standard Acticlean Toilet

If you are looking for a toilet that can clean itself automatically, your search should end with this best elongated toilet model no 714AA154.020 from the house of American Standard. It is a floor-mounted, self-cleaning toilet that mounts on the floor.

It can be cleaned with a push of a button as a toilet cleaning cartridge is included in the system that can be filled with toilet cleaners and can work electronically. Being designed with three cleaning modes, you can keep your toilet crystal clear all time.

It is one of the best cleaning systems that activate with 4 AAA batteries. The batteries last for a year, and after that, they need to be replaced. The handle of the flush is chrome-plated, and the plastic seat is designed with no skip bumpers.

The complete set is made from vitreous china clay and weighs around 50 pounds. The price of this electronic self-cleaning toilet is of nearly 415USD, which includes all accessories needed for installation.


  • The toilet cleans automatically with a push of a button.
  • The water consumption is only 1.28 gallons per flush, and it saves on the water bills.
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty on the mechanical and one year warranty on the electronics parts.


  • The flush tank leaks at times.
  • The batteries get exhausted soon and do not support the manufacturer’s claim.

10. Kohler K-3999-O Comfort Toilet

Kohler K-3999-O Comfort Toilet

With modern flushing technology of class 5, Kohler’s toilet model is gaining popularity day by day as it saves plenty of water. The rough area of this toilet is 12 inches, and the height from the floor is 18 inches.

EPA guidelines have been strictly followed while making the K-3999-O model and it saves around 20% of water when compared with similar items of other brands. The material used is vitreous china clay, and it has WaterSense certification.

It is a two-piece model and comes in a combination of K-4199 bowl and K-4467 tank. The lever of the flush is on the left side, and it is polished to give a sparkling shine. The installation of the toilet is quite straightforward, and all the bolts are included in the pack.


  • It is ADA, OBC, and CSA B 651 compliant and maintains high quality and technical standards.
  • The price is within reach of almost all considering the product quality and benefits.
  • The height suits persons who are tall, and everyone can sit comfortably.


  • The seat is not included in the pack.

FAQs on Elongated Toilets

Q1. How Do I Prevent My Toilet Bowl From Cracking?

Not only the bowl, but the tank may at times crack. The cracks may appear due to extensive use of the toilet for a long time, i.e., nearly 4-5 years. The vitreous china clay or the porcelain weakens over time and they lead to cracks.

Again cracks can also appear due to mishandling of the toilet seat like banging the seat hard or growing some metal objects or glass bottles inadvertently while cleaning the washroom. One should remember, irrespective of the brands, the toilets are quite fragile, and they should be handled with care.

Q2. My Toilet Tank Is Leaking, What Should I Do?

Most probably, the flapper is failing to seal the valve seat. It may have worn out or is not rightly fitted. One should stop the water supply into the tank, lift the cover, and see the flapper as well as the valve seat.

You should make sure that they are correctly installed. If you see that the flapper or the valve seat is worn out, it is the right time to replace them. One can do the work themselves or take the help of a plumber.

Q3. How Advantageous Are Dual Flush Toilets?

With dual flush toilets, one can control the water flow inside the bowl. The same amount of water is not needed at all times. Using dual flush toilets helps in controlling the volume of water to be dispensed as per the necessity and can cut down your water bill.

Moreover, as per the EPA estimations, around 4000 gallons of water is wasted annually in any residential household and this volume can be saved if dual flush toilets are used.

Q4. What Is The Ideal Toilet Seat Height?

As per ADA research and guidelines, it is observed that an average person feels comfortable at the height of 17 to 19 inches from the floor level to ease themselves. If a child uses the toilet, this height should be between 11 to 17 inches depending on the age and height of the child.

For sick and ailing people, particularly those who are suffering from back or knee problems and injuries, a toilet seat riser with or without handle should be used to raise the height of the bowl.

Q5. Are Auto-Clean Toilets Good?

They are useful as the toilets get automatically cleaned and free from germs as well as bacteria. However, one should handle them carefully or else the electronic parts may malfunction soon.

Q6. Shall I Buy A Floor Mounted Or Wall Mounted Toilet?

It ultimately depends on your choice. However, it is needless to say that floor-mounted toilets can carry more weight. Moreover, the wall-mounted toilets look more elegant and give your washroom more space.

Sit With Comfort Using The Best Elongated Toilets

Gone are the days when one will hurt their knees, hips, and waist while being seated and rising from the toilet seat. Today, toilets are available in various heights and shapes to make you feel comfortable while attending nature’s calls.

You can thus select any one of the brands and model from the above list and use the best elongated toilet and lead your life without a grim face. Forget the blues of clearing the bowels and maintain a regular habit by using any of the best toilets as per your choice.