Best Toilet Fill Valves 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fluidmaster 400AH2. Korky 5283. Korky 4010PK
Fluidmaster PerforMAX 400AH Toilet Fill Valve Best Toilet Fill ValveKorky Universal Quiet 528 Toilet Fill ValveKorky 4010PK Complete Universal Toilet Repair

A leaky toilet is one of the unavoidable and most messy repair chores in every household. Not only it can damage the toilet floor and walls, flood your house, but most importantly, a severe leakage leads to wastage of gallons of water. On such instances, repairs and water bills can drain your pocket.

Investing for best toilet accessories, however, will be an investment for the long term where you can have an efficient and economical toilet set up. You will be glad to know the market is filled with options of toilet valves.


All you need to do is pick the best one as per your requirement. In this article, we have researched on your behalf so that you can get the best top 12 picks for toilet flush valves. We will also provide you with some factors and other information so you can make an informed choice.

Top 12 Best Toilet Fill Valves 2020

1. Fluidmaster PerforMAX 400AH Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster PerforMAX 400AH Toilet Fill Valve Best Toilet Fill Valve

Popularly referred to as the 400ARHR, the 400AH PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve designed by the Fluidmaster falls under the most powerful and seamless designs of toilet valves. Some of the appealing features of this product include the 2X refill rates, more magnificent than standard valves.

The product is designed for a universal fit because it can suit most toilet models. It also has an adjustable valve shank design which has flexible height adjusting mechanism, making it a friendly pick for most toilets.

This valve comes with an efficient water-saving roller clamp that optimizes water usage and saves wastage of water.


  • Optimal toilet performance, efficient water saving
  • Quietest and most powerful fill valve on the market
  • Syncs with most toilet setups like Toto, Kohler, and American Standard with its Universal design
  • Efficient controlling of bowl fill levels
  • Suitable for HET 1.28 gal and DUO FLUSH
  • Comes with seven years Manufacturer Warranty


  • The refill timing is slower compared to the assured 2X rate

2. Korky Universal Quiet 528 Toilet Fill Valve

Korky Universal Quiet 528 Toilet Fill Valve

This Korky Quiet FILL 528 Toilet Fill Valve is perhaps the one-stop solution for no refilling, noisy flushes, and an efficient toilet. Korky Fill Valve exhibits a design which seamlessly suits for a bunch of toilet fittings starting from Kohler to Mansfield, American Standard to Toto.

You can purchase this product for both one-piece and two-piece toilets. Integrated with innovative and unique twist-lock adjustment enhances installation ease over the top. Even more, it eliminates the need to remove the tank while installation.


  • Faster refilling, noise-free flushes, optimized water usage
  • Highly adjustable with all toilet fitting brands
  • Adjustable from 7.75” to 13.5”


  • It is too noisy and loud

3. Korky 4010PK Complete Universal Toilet Repair

Korky 4010PK Complete Universal Toilet Repair

The Korky 4010PK Complete Toilet Repair Kit is designed to fit any toilet. It will eliminate troubles of slow refilling, noisy flushes and running water. This model is a comprehensive product pack which includes a flush valve, a fill valve, tank-to-bowl hardware, and flapper.

One of the best features is that this product is quitter than many similar products. You can also forget the issues with the stuck float.

The flapper Korky Complete is designed out of the high end, durable red rubber, which is highly resistant of bacteria, chlorine, city water treatment, well water as well as hard water and even rust.


  • Easy to install without any tools.
  • Highly efficient refilling, and eliminates noise
  • Adjustable and compatible with most toilet fittings
  • Seamlessly Replaces Old Technologies


  • Refilling is not too if that is what you are expecting

4. TOTO TSU99A.X Replacement Fill Valve

TOTO TSU99A.X Replacement Fill Valve

The TOTO Adjustable TSU99A.X Replacement Fill Valve Assembly is a complete solution for most modern and old toilets. This product syncs with any TOTO toilet models.

The model comes with flexible height and refills volume adjustment mechanism, which means acquiring optimal performance as per your need is seamless with this product. With a standard 7/8-inch inlet connection, you can fit it most toilet setups.


  • The smooth adjustable mechanism to adjust the height for all TOTO toilet tanks
  • Acquire optimal performance for your toilet
  • Pack includes clamp, nut, valve, refill tube and cone washer
  • Easy to install, even with the DIY method


  • The valve does not cut off the water level on filling up sometimes

5. Kohler Genuine Silent Fill Valve Kit

Kohler Genuine Silent Fill Valve Kit

When you are using Kohler products and fittings for your toilet, there can no better option than using Kohler Genuine Parts and Kohler Genuine Silent Fill Valve is ideal for any Kohler toilet. The product stands for durability and high-end performance.

Experience quite filling of tanks to optimal filling, fast refills and so on. Integrated with multiple fill rate inserts this Kohler fill valve optimizes your toilet experiences.

However, as per manufacturer instructions, the company recommends not to use any abrasive material for scrubbing and cleaning the material.


  • Kohler fill valve is a genuine part
  • Relief from the noisy tank filling with a sophisticated silent valve system
  • Virtually adjustable to any height


  • The height adjusting mechanism does not function smoothly

6. TOTO TSU99A.X Replacement Fill Valve

TOTO TSU99A.X Replacement Fill Valve

The TOTO TSU99A.X Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve is once again fit for any TOTO toilet. It is a genuine TOTO part it seamless adjusts with any TOTO toilet.

The product set includes all that you require to refill tube, cone washer along with clamps and nuts to fix it. It is easy to install, even without a plumber. 7-8 inches inlet connection allows hassle-free installation.


  • Smart adjustable height designed for all TOTO toilet tanks
  • Inlet connection comes in standard 7/8-inch size
  • Resets your tank back to optimal performance


  • The refill time takes longer than standard valves

7. Kohler Gp1138930 Silent Fill

Kohler Gp1138930 Silent Fill

Noisy toilets where tank filling makes loud noise can be irritating. Besides, old tanks with old valves also fill tanks slowly. Modern toilets need to be efficient, eliminating noisy flushes, slow refilling, overpouring of water in tanks, running water, so on.

Kohler Genuine Part resolves all these issues at once offering graciously silent toilet, fast refilling of tanks, pre-integrated multiple fill rate inserts, etc.


  • Quiet tank filling
  • Fast and efficient filling with multiple fill rate, where you can achieve filling speed accordingly
  • Adjustable to any height,
  • Compatible with most Kohler toilets


  • Not a universal fit

8. Fluidmaster Specialty Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster Specialty Toilet Fill Valve

The Fluidmaster Specialty toilet fill valve is a uniquely designed product dedicated for all Glacier Bay brand and Niagara flapperless toilets. It is integrated with a technologically advanced preset fill rate to save water. You will be glad to know the model will deliver a preset amount of water with every flush.

Besides, the most intriguing feature of the product is its high-end corrosion resistant built, along with the anti-siphon operation, since the mechanism is code-based. Fast refilling also helps to avoid contamination of freshwater.


  • A perfect solution for all Niagara and Glacier Bay Flapperless toilets
  • A Code based Anti-siphon water flush mechanism
  • An easy way to restore & optimize factory performance of your flush system
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Quality is not up to the mark, calls for replacement within a few months

9. American Standard Champion Universal Replacement Flush Valve

American Standard Champion Universal Replacement Flush Valve

American Standard has a long line of product series. This model Champion Universal Replacement Flush Valve is designed to fit all existing American Standard toilets. A product like 3174.105-0070A is well known in the market for its durability and ease of installation.

This product is the ideal pick if you are already using Champion 4 flush systems or even the two-piece toilets from American Standard. Within a good price line, this is an investment for seamless toilet experience, if you are looking to upgrade to an optimized flushing experience.


  • Replacement flush valve for both two-piece American Standard toilets and four-flush systems
  • Comes with a long 7-inch tube
  • Compared to other products offers an enhanced Chain length
  • Genuine American Standard replacement part


  • Poor flush volume
  • Water leaks into the toilet bowl

10. Kohler 1083980 Flush Valve Kit

Kohler 1083980 Flush Valve Kit

The Canister flush valve kit designed by Kohler is one of the premium series dedicated for Kohler Cimarron toilets. Replace your leaking valves, resolve all flush problems with this elegantly designed, durable and high-quality flush valve kit.

The product kit comes with a 3 inches canister with a 3 inches outlet. It is exclusively compatible with Cimarron Kohler toilet model number K 4634. You can either try DIY method as per the instruction provided in manual or call for a plumber.


  • A comprehensive solution for leaky flush valves
  • Ideal for Kohler Cimarron toilets
  • Compatible with both versions of the Cimarron K 4634 toilet model
  • Easy DIY installation


  • The parts do not match with existing fill hose

11. American Standard Champion Replacement Flush Valve

American Standard Champion Replacement Flush Valve

As the name suggests, this product is universal, which means you can get this for any toilet. However, it is a perfect replacement valve kit for any American Standard Champion toilet.

It is indeed a highly durable product to meet all your requirements of quality. You can easily use all your DIY moves to replace this valve easily, which comes with a convenient fitting size.


  • Replacement flush valve for all Champion American Standard toilets
  • Standard 7-inch tube
  • The chain length of 3.4inches


  • Poor technical construction
  • Poor flush volume

12. Next by Danco Toilet Fill Valve HC660

Next by Danco Toilet Fill Valve HC660

Danco is one of the leading suppliers of plumbing replacements, repair, remodel suppliers, and so on. The HC660 is a technically advanced HydroClean Toilet Fill Valve kit which fundamentally solves the wastage of water through leaks and miscalibration.

It has a preset mechanism which calibrates the exact amount of water need for a jet clean experience. Compatible for most standard toilets and the height can be seamlessly adjusted from 11 inches to 13.8 inches.

The HC660 can also be installed using DIY methods. You will be impressed with one of the best features of this product is easy to leak detection.


  • They are designed with a built-in mini valve to control the refill water level
  • Auto leak detection mechanism integrated to save water leakage
  • Reliable and efficient jets stream forcefully clears out debris and dirt from the toilet bowl
  • Fast and silent refilling


  • Inefficient refilling mechanism

You should keep in mind that Now, among many other reasons, a critical reason behind toilet leakages happens to be a faulty toilet fill valve. The role of a toilet fill valve is to build, maintain and controls the water level in a toilet with the help of a flapper and an integrated sensor.

The moment you understand the implications of the water leakage problem, it makes definite sense to speculate on versatile scopes of improving your bathroom modelling at first hand.

The primary reason for installing the best toilet fill valve in a toilet is to prevent overflow of water, wastage and thereby controlling water usage as per need. Often try to save water, remove waste, and to avoid overflow.

When you are provided you with multiple options to buy, it can be confusing to make a quick decision. In the following, we will provide you with some factors so that you can make an informed choice.

Factors To Determine Buying Of Best Toilet Fill Valve

1. Material

While choosing a material, the primary criterion is to look for a material which offers durability. You should keep an eye on aspects corrosion-resistant valves, quality rubber and high-end ABS features. These factors should be in the best toilet fill valve. Ignoring this factor may call for repeated repairs and replacements.

2. Noise

It is quite irritating when the toilet makes noise. The sound of the flush seeping out is not only annoying, but also kind of hamper’s one’s privacy. Noisy flushes are the stories of bygone days, if you know where and how to find the best toilet fill valve fetching a silent fill valve is not a big deal.

Nowadays, you will come across many best toilet flush valves designed with advanced sound insulation mechanism, wherein the refilling to flush all the activities are silent. It ensures your privacy, convenience and eliminates embarrassing moment in front of guests as well.

3. Refill And Flow Rate

Your flush tank fills can be annoying. We are living in a generation that we want everything to be done instantly; you will notice in every sphere the waiting time is minimizing. Similarly with the best toilet valve to you would expect fast refilling.

With systems with longer refilling time, you will have to wait until it refills to use it again. Pretty inconvenient. Some flushes have a significant problem that lacks the necessary force to drive away from the debris. So, you need to get speed flush systems which offered enhanced speed and forced the release of water.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility happens to be a significant criterion while picking the best toilet fill valve in the market. Most fill valves these days come with the model compatibility list. If you are using a brand selecting that specific brand fill valve can be better as per compatibility concern.

5. Height

Toilet tanks do differ in size. Accordingly, you need to select the flush system. Every valve comes with a specific height which is sometimes adjustable within a range and sometimes not. But whatever kind you pick it is necessary first to know the exact measurement of your flush tank.

6. Installation

Ideally, it is not a big deal to install a fill valve system into your existing flush system. All you need to do is attach it with clamps. These days valves come with detailed instruction of installation or you also have DIY videos available online. However, if you cannot manage to find definite self-help call for a professional.

7. Leak-Proof Seal

Check reviews about your flush system seal, since a poor seal can lead to poor flushing pressure as well. Nowadays, you will come across leak detection integrated valve systems available in the market as well. You can fetch these ultra-tech ones to avoid leakages and water wastage.

FAQs on Toilet Fill Valves

Q1. How To Maintain A Kohler Toilet Fill Valve?

Many times you find a layer of mineral and calcium build up even inside your best toilet flush system, which needs to be cleaned. But it is never advisable to use any abrasive substance to clean up the mess.

Use a soft toothbrush and some vinegar to clean it softly. Mild scrubbing can be allowed to remove the layer of mineral debris. You can also use soft, warm soapy water to rinse off the valve.

Q2. Which Is The Fill Valve On A Toilet?

Once a flush is used, the tank drains out all the water; it is the role your best toilet valve to refill the tank for next use essentially. Once the flush is used automatically, this valve gets into operation and starts refilling to be all set for the next flush.

Q3. Can I Repair A Toilet Fill Valve?

Yes, it is a repairable part which might not even need a plumber. You can try DIY methods to repair a toilet fill valve. However, when you find recurring issues of slow refilling, leakage, overflowing of tank level, and so on. It might be a call for a replacement instead of a repair.

Q4. How To Use Fluidmaster To Optimize Water Level In Toilet Bowl?

Initially, you need to understand how to detect the water level of a toilet tank. Once you open the lid of a tank, you will find a small blue or engraved mark, which represents the level up to which the tank must refill and stop. This mark can be found in the rear side of the tank, which is inside the tank body.

You will notice a thin steel rod which can be found precisely above the top of the valve. Now, this is the part which remains inserted within the valve float with the attachment of spring clip. To manage your water level, all you need to do is squeeze the spring clip on your best toilet flush valves and move it up or down to regulate the water level.

When the float is moved up, it indicates that the water level inside the tank will be higher, and when it is pushed down, it minimizes the water level. Once you have positioned the float, flush once to check if your tank is refilling to your desired level.

Accordingly, as per the need, you can adjust the float further to gain the optimized level of water in the tank. The entire process is easy and does not necessarily call for the assistance of a professional; you can try this all by yourself as well.

Best Toilet Fill Valves – Verdict

Toilet fill valves might not be the most exciting topic to discuss, but it is undoubtedly a part of your routine life that you cannot ignore. Toilet time is one of the essential spaces that everyone requires. With an efficient, fast, and innovative flush system, you can optimize not only your experience but also control wastage of water, proper disposal of toilet bowl wastes, and so on.

You will come across with numerous options of flush systems, expensive, elegant, and technically advanced flush systems. Out of such an enormous collection finding the best toilet fill valve can be tricky.

Once you pick the top 12 picks for best toilet fill valve, it is essential to make sure you do a compatibility check. As per user reviews, some valves even though universal might not offer optimum performance with all flush tanks. You need to make sure the product has the best performance, quality, and the durability based on brand reputation, user review, manufacturer guide on compatibility check.

Therefore, ensure that you have considered refill rate, material, and so on. Even simple installation is also a vital factor since just install a refill valve; it might feel awkward to pay a plumber charge. Therefore, we have provided you with this article to find the best one. You are sure to find brand-specific valves as well as universal ones which are compatible with all toilet fittings.