About Us

Decorating a bathroom is very personal. From tiles to storage solutions to bathtub or showers, we pay keen attention to every bathroom accessory as it is functional and adds aesthetic value. However, we often tend to overlook one of the most important pieces of a good bathroom that we use every day – Toilet.

Toilets are essential and need as much thought as we put in selecting other bathroom commodities. Like any other piece of equipment, toilets come in various types like elongated, dual flush, smart toilets, portable toilets, and the list goes on. Choosing a type of toilet depends on our use, needs, and requirements.

Picking the best toilet to suit our and our family’s needs are beyond style, design, and color. It determines which toilet components matter to you the most, and also drops hints about lifestyle.
reliability, worry-free performance, maintenance, cleaning, technology, and environment-friendliness among others are some of the must-haves in a good toilet. However, considering all these points with an array of options in the market is a tough task.

This is where, we – ProjectDropaBrick, come in handy. We bring to you the ‘best’ of the lot with our well-researched and rational buying guides. From the do’s and the don’ts, while buying a toilet or a toilet accessory to reviewing the worthy options in the marks, from decoding the tricks to debunking the myths, our team provides all the necessary information in our in-depth buying guides to help you make an informed decision.